Raw and Uncut - 12 Months Mentoring Program - $2999

Raw and Uncut - 12 Months Mentoring Program - $2999

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There’s so much BS out there at the minute about what is happening in the property market. 

Everyone’s talking but no one is saying the right thing.

And how could they?

The majority of these industry ‘experts’ weren’t even in the industry when the GFC hit, so they won’t know how to deal with what we’re calling "the GFD".

This isn’t the GFC 2.0 … it’s bigger than that.

And it has never been more important to surround yourself with the right team of specialists – people that were there and do know what they’re talking about.

Nathan Birch was actively investing during the GFC, he quit his job at the age of 24 and everyone told him he was stupid! Now, he has a property portfolio of over 200 properties with a net worth of over $50 million.


You need to know what’s coming and how you can protect your wealth.

Your financial freedom is at stake.

But we aren’t looking at this as a bad thing. No!

This is an opportunity.

The people who take control, rather than cower in the corner, are the ones who will come out on top!

That’s why Binvested is taking it back to basics.

We’re going back to our roots.

We’re going raw and uncut.

Binvested started as a mentoring program.

And we did it again.

Ask yourself, what can you get for $8 these days?

$8 won’t even buy you 2 coffees.

It will get you unlimited access to over 40 hours of content from Nathan Birch and all his invaluable experience.


Download all Nathan's knowledge!

$8 day.
$60 a week.
$3000 a year.

And you could make, or save, millions. 

Nathan will personally teach you:

  • How to source the right properties at the right time.
  • How to negotiate your own prices.
  • What strategies you need to use when the GFD hits.
  • How to get maximum returns on your sale.
  • How to make the most money from your renos.
  • How to use your equity to your advantage.

And so much more.