Mentoring Weekend - Day 2 - Save Over 30%!

Mentoring Weekend - Day 2 - Save Over 30%!

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Get all of the videos from day 2 of the RAW and UNCUT Mentoring Weekend - worth $995. 
By buying the videos together, you save 30% on more than 3.5 hours worth of content that will help you reach your property and financial goals in the current financial market and beyond! 
Videos included:
Video 1 – Property Development - What You Should Know – 57 minutes 31 seconds
1.1 How to maximise potential with the right build for your land
1.2 Key points to being able to create income through property development
1.3 How to create extra income through secondary dwellings
1.4 How to profit from multiple dwelling sites
1.5 How to find the right block of land

Video 2 – The Legal Side of Property – 56 minutes 12 seconds

2.1 What to look out for when buying and selling a property

2.2 How your solicitor can negotiate for you

2.3 Important legal market update

2.4 How to help your kids get in to property

2.5 Understanding government incentives

2.6 Estate planning

Video 3 – How To Get The Best Out Of Your Property Manager – 30 minutes 28 seconds

3.1 How to get the highest rent

3.2 Rent reviews

3.3 What a $10 pw increase may mean to retirement

3.4 What if you can’t buy?

3.5 Take a look at our clients’ portfolios


Video 4 – Property & Tax, Introducing: My Property Tracker and Q&A -  66 minutes 51 seconds

4.1 Understanding current changes in the tax system

4.2 recent and proposed changes to property taxation

4.3 How to understand how your tax and your property portfolio interact to maximise your cashflow position.

4.4 Alternate tax structures for purchasing investments

4.5 Detailed analysis of how to understand pre and post-tax cashflows and your investments

4.6 Demonstrating how tax advice can affect your finance application

4.7 What is My Property Tracker?

4.8 Q&A